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GAME ON - Level up!

We provide teachers with advanced gamification techniques and immersive technologies to develop dynamic, student-centred content.

The Project

Game On – Level Up!

Gamification and game-based learning are being utilized as effective teaching and learning strategies to meet the requirements of 21st-century education. The systematic study has revealed various advantages of using gamified learning for vocational learners, particularly in increasing motivation, engagement, and academic accomplishment.

Therefore, the Game on-Level up! project will focus on enhancing and developing the teaching staff’s pedagogical gamification skills through new digital technologies, especially VR and immersive technologies. With these enhanced skills, teaching staff will be able to create more engaging and motivating learning content suitable for all levels of learners, addressing the emerging needs of the modern work environment.

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The projet in brief​


The core of the project is the development of six virtual educational games focusing on developing students’ soft and transversal skills. All the games are accessible and transferable to other education levels and fields. 

The project will:

1. Elevate Teaching with Digital Gamification 

Enhance educators’ skills in innovative gamification techniques using digital tools like VR, fostering inclusive and engaging learning experiences.

2. Empower Students through Gamification Learning 

Encourage students’ ownership and expression by immersing them in gamified environments where failure is a stepping stone and exploration is encouraged.

3. Inspire Creativity and Motivation

Revolutionise learning by turning tasks into enjoyable adventures, fostering intrinsic motivation and creativity in learners.

The project consists of four work packages, including four workshops to speed up game development and piloting, as well as prepare a training toolkit for beginner game developers:

Work package n°1

Project management

Work package n°2

Gamification toolbox for “rookies”

Work package n°3

Game On – Six serious games

Work package n°4

Level Up – piloting & dissemination

2 steps


At a tangible level

At an intangible level

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